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Navigating My Exciting Transition into 2024

As I reflect on the approaching year of 2024, I am filled with excitement and anticipation for the new chapter unfolding in my life. Retirement from teaching has paved the way for a profound shift as I immerse myself in the role of the founder of Passion and Purpose Retreats. The prospect of guiding women in midlife, entering their golden years, or embracing early retirement toward intentional living and rediscovery adds to my enthusiasm. While the holiday season, spent away from my adult children and grandchildren in a foreign land, carries its unique bittersweet moments, it's merely an introduction to the transformative journey I am about to embark upon.

Ghana, my current home for just over six weeks, has already proven to be a fertile ground for new beginnings. The registration of my Passion and Purpose business, the establishment of key connections through LinkedIn, and the selection of the idyllic C Resort in Prampram as the retreat venue are tangible milestones achieved. The charm of this serene coastal resort, nestled in nature's embrace, adds an extra layer of excitement to my venture. On 6th December, I'm looking forward to engaging with dynamic women, at Theia Coffee House, Airport Residential Area, Ghana, for our upcoming Women Talk Meet-ups , which adds to the whirlwind of accomplishments. Oh, and let's not forget the near completion of my dream home—a testament to resilience.

While navigating the vibrant chaos of Accra and overcoming challenges like the unfamiliarity of taxi rides, city traffic, and the symphony of horns, I've discovered a sense of belonging in Ghana. The exploration of East Legon, Spintex Road for furniture, and North Ridge for meetings with influential figures like Tonisha Tagoe CEO of Apples & Pears and creator The Ladies Entrepreneurship Club have added depth to my experience. Despite the initial disparities from my six-year's of living and working in Dubai, Ghana is becoming a second home – a place where the traffic and bumpy roads transform into familiar nuances of daily life.

Mentally and emotionally I'm tied to the rich tapestry of Ghana, I now understand why it's called the 'Motherland'. Its cultural diversity, historical legacy, and the warmth of its people create an environment where living intentionally is not just encouraged but nurtured. The vibrant spirit of the country, its beauty, and the stories embedded in its history invite us to explore and connect on a profound level.

As I extend an invitation to join our 2024 Passion and Purpose Retreats, I envision a space where individuals can reclaim themselves and reignite their passions. Visit to embark on a transformative journey, rediscovering your purpose in a country we can collectively call home. Ghana, with its welcoming embrace, awaits your intentional living and promises to look after you as you navigate this inspiring chapter of your life.

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