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Inspiring Young Women - Our Legacy

For over 30 years, one of my core purposes in life has been giving back and supporting young girls, particularly as we entered our golden phase. It has been a genuine passion of mine to provide guidance and mentorship to the younger generation. Whether it was through my career as a teacher, trainer, giving lectures, being the Founder and Director of Women Talk or serving as a mentor and coach, the journey has been incredibly rewarding and satisfying. Even now, taking early retirement from teaching, I continue to coach my grandchildren, assisting them with their academic studies. It brings me immense joy to witness the impact young people can achieve when they receive the wealth of knowledge and skills I've accumulated over the years.

2019 I mentored Gloria Mawuse as part of a Hospitality Program between Dubai & Ghana Travel and Tourism.

In addition to my personal mentoring efforts, I'm also deeply involved with an organization in Ghana called "Because She Can." This organization shares my passion for empowering young girls, aiming to ensure that every girl has access to a working laptop. In February 2024, "We Women Talk" and our "Passion and Purpose Retreats" will be collaborating to deliver a Career Retreat, an initiative that aligns perfectly with my desire to support and guide young individuals as they embark on their professional journeys.

2013-2014 Mentoring Fatima in Doha Qatar as part of the Circle of Pearl Mentor Program

As we enter our golden phase and retirement, it becomes increasingly important for us to give back to the younger generation. It prompts us to reflect on what we would do differently if we could go back in time and be a 20 or 30-year-old again. For me, the question is, "What can I do to help a young person in their 20s or 30s do things differently if I had the opportunity?" Having had the chance to make mistakes and learn from them, it feels like a responsibility to pass on the valuable lessons and wisdom that life has bestowed upon me. By mentoring, coaching, and guiding the next generation, we can ensure that they not only follow in our footsteps but also leave their own remarkable marks on the world.

Part of our "Passion and Purpose Retreats" is not solely focused on discovering our own passions but also instilling a sense of confidence by being role models for younger women and girls. Our goal is to inspire confidence in the generations that follow us. To learn more about our initiatives and the upcoming Retreats, please visit our website page at

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